No. There is enough flexibility in our model to utilise out of the box configurations with little customisation. To achieve this, we have leveraged experience in all the leading industry service management and monitoring platforms to design a model that takes advantage of their out of the box configurations.

One of the major strengths of the model underpinning Your SMP is that it’s based on a concept of ‘distributed responsibility’ in maintaining the data i.e. you only update the information that matters most to your role. The main driver of the our product is to empower your IT organisation to quickly and easily maintain its own data using a common sense approach to accountability e.g. If I’m in a Server Support Role then I need only maintain information related to Server Infrastructure.

Your SMP utilises a set of client-tested classifications to re-structure your existing data into a Service orientated framework, effectively eliminating 80% of the heavy lifting of data collection by extracting it from common tools within most organisations e.g. monitoring, patch management, asset management and of course service management. Therefore the product focuses on empowering staff to maintain the quality of the data once it passes through the service modelling process by understanding the set of simple rules that govern it. This allows for a light, guided approach with simple to follow instructions that staff will be able to reference and ask questions of at their convenience.

Information collated in Your SMP is eventually transferred and managed ongoing in your own platforms. Existing data sources will not be altered in any way, however you may be in a better position after the engagement to decommission or reallocate them for other priorities.

Your SMP looks to consolidate and simplify existing data administrative tasks that you and your staff are accountable for. It also provides the structure and governance for discovery tools to be utilised to automate the majority of common data updates e.g. Location of infrastructure, IP addresses, model/serial number etc. further reducing the administrative overhead of maintaining large quantities of information.

Not at all, in fact you will get a better return on investment from your existing tools (in particular CMDB) as the engagement provides the vital foundation data and structure needed to mature your service management processes. This is one of the main goals of Your SMP!

Your SMP draws on over 20 years of industry experience and aligns itself with worldwide recognised frameworks such as ITIL V3 and ISO20K, which are at the foundation of all market leading Service Management, Monitoring & Reporting platforms. The result of this is a rapid, cost effective, outcome driven experience that utilises the existing investments you have made in technology and people.

Yes. Their main concern was translating the output of the engagement into tangible and measurable benefits that can be rapidly realised. To dive deeper into a few common benefits like dramatically speeding up call logging, auto-routing tickets & identifying gaps in your operational support model, we have put together a guide to help you build the Business Case – here.